Michèle Yves Pauty was born in 1982, in Innsbruck, Tyrol. She wrote and painted throughout high school, and after her final exams she immediately moved to Berlin to gain work experience in theatre. She experimented with various mediums including writing, painting and film, until she found her way to photography. Back in Vienna she attended the Applied College for Photography and Audiovisual Media, also known as „Die Graphische“, from where she graduated in 2005. Since then Michèle has been working as a portrait photographer.

Today Michèle is living in Vienna, although her passion for exploration leads to frequent travelling across the world, as well as to everyday relationships that sometimes are formed in an instant and are reflected in her work. There is always a story to tell, of times that were and moments to come, by altering reality and shifting her vision through the pictures into the realities of others. It does not matter what is not there, for one does not only see, but also feel the picture in front of them.

Michèle Pauty is part
of the ASAblanca Agency.